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MDV 2009 Barossa Jack Raj - Shiraz Grenache 
The Gourmet Belle - 25/09/2012
When searching for a top drop of Shiraz or Grenache, it is pretty hard to go past Australia's Barossa Valley.

So I didn't (though, I did consider a little detour to McLaren Vale along the way; definitely a worthy rival when it comes to these lush, palate pleasing grapes).

I didn't even bother choosing between the two varieties; opting, instead, to crack open a bottle of the 2009 MDV Barossa Jack Raj Shiraz Grenache.

The Jack Raj is named after the winemaker's son and is a testament to the nurturing hand employed in crafting this fine wine.

The even 50/50 amount of its two varieties is evident and the distinctive characteristics of each are in perfect harmony.

Vibrant red and purple mixed berries, sour plums and a kick of fresh aniseed fill out the generous front palate. Incredibly soft tannins and refreshing acid from the Shiraz make for a svelte and clean finish. The wine is not overly intense, yet the bright fruit flavours and fine palate leave you wanting more.

I would perhaps consider matching this lighter style Barossa blend with confit duck, Spanish tapas or barbequed meats. However, it also tends to slip down very easily without the aid of food!

Price: $40
Wine Category: Red Blends
Cellar: Drink now or cellar to 2016
Winery Website:
MDV 2008 Barossa Black Pearl - Shiraz 
Travis Schultz - 25/09/2012
Is it just me, or has Barossa Valley Shiraz become what Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is to white wines? You know what I mean - mouth filling, fruit driven styles that rely on overpowering sweetness and flavours to distract you from structural deficiencies?

That may be true of a number of the more clumsily mass produced wines that show up on the steel racking of the major "discount" retailers, but you'd never make that observation of the boutique (if not artisan) wines like the MDV Black Pearl Shiraz 2008.

Winemaker Michael Datta has captured the dense dark essence of Barossa Shiraz and harnessed it without resort to the shackles of heavy oak and its resulting tannins. They caress the chocolate coated raspberries across the palate until the savoury cedar fingers massage their way through an ever so slightly astringent finale and invite a repeat of the dose.

I love the way that the natural sweetness (you'd almost swear that there was a dash of Grenache) ignites the taste buds yet manages to retain its dignity without an ounce of alcoholic heat showing across the palate.

It's an honourable wine for a majestic occasion, but priced for us, the proletariat, at around $40 a bottle.

Travis Schultz, is managing partner of Schultz Toomey O'Brien Lawyers and lover of fine food and wine.
MDV 2008 Barossa Black Pearl Shiraz 
Michelle Hine - 05/04/2012
Hi Michael, I have to say that the Black Pearl is the most delicious wine I have ever tasted. Congratulations and well done to you for creating something so special. I know Ill savour every mouthful and will share it with my friends, as a friend shared it with me. We tasted the wine at Capelli's restaurant in Gympie at their 'posh plate'. They decanted the wine and treated it like the precious jewel that it is. Wishing you continued success in the future.
MDV 2008 Barossa Black Pearl Shiraz 
Eddsy4Mayor - 15/02/2012
A big red with loads of berry and a soft mouth feel. A wine for afficionados and novices alike. No delayed gratification with this one.
Fat Fish 2008 Barossa Shiraz 
Travis Schultz - 14/09/2011
The 2008 Fat Fish Shiraz from the irrepressible Barossa Valley. Its not the dark (if not almost black!) colour of the wine that beguiles the palate. And theres nothing unusual about a wine conceived in the region showing such deep ripe berries that rise to a crescendo on the palate and ebb to a trickle of fine tannins on a wave of the conductors baton.

No, my innate suspicion is a product of the price  it just doesnt seem right that such an easy to drink and well crafted.
MDV 2008 Barossa Black Pearl Shiraz 
Dr Plonk - 14/09/2011
Colour- deep purple, developing some red brick hughes bouquet - stewed plums, preserved jam, hints of aniseed with lingering leather, cigar box notes, with a hint of spice, dried herbs

Taste- Broad mouth feel, balanced sweetness of fruit and vanilla oak, with mild acidity and moderate length tannins that finish in the background to make this a lip smacking lingering experience.

Overall real food wine that will mature in years to come. ENJOY!
MDV 2008 Eden Valley Grenache  
stevec - 23/07/2010
What a great drop. Refreshing and not too dry.
MDV 2007 Heatchote and Eden Valley Jack Raj  
Travis - 12/07/2010
There is nothing new in winemakers blending Shiraz and Grenache (although you would normally expect Mouvedre as well) to create a mouth filling, fruit driven wine that has a soft edge on the finish, but I would never heard of a blend of Heathcote Shiraz and Eden Valley Grenache, until I stumbled across MICHAELDATTA Vineyards, Jack Raj.

The 50/50 blend is uncharacteristically rich and plummy for a Victorian Shiraz but gains complexity and an aromatic spiciness courtesy of the South Australian Grenache. Best of all, it does not fall away at the end (as some blends tend to do) yet the obvious, but fine tannins suggest it has cellaring potential.

I discovered this wine at a tasting where I tried 10 different wines and this was the only one I went out and bought afterwards.

It is a top end wine, but much better value than most at $40.00 a bottle.

I am told that the winemaker Michael Datta is soon moving to the Sunshine Coast, so it is a name we may hear a lot more of.

MDV 2008 Eden Valley Old Vine Grenache 
Dr Plonk - 10/07/2010
Michael Datta, from MDV wines is as passionate about his juice as he is colourful. Being an Australian born Indian, he is a great example of how this country has been enriched by migrants. He is as Aussie as they come but has that wonderful sales flare that traces back to his Indian Roots. Of course he can make some dam fine wine. The Eden Valley Old Vine Grenache 08 is simply outstanding. Sweet juicy cherry jube-like aromas and a complex palate that hovers, then suddenly the bus crashes into flavour town.
MDV 2007 Heatchote and Eden Valley Jack Raj  
Dr Plonk - 10/07/2010
This blend of Eden Valley Grenache and Heathcote Shiraz. The elegancy and boldness of this wine is an enticing conundrum. I am unaware of any other such combination. It works. The colour is a beautiful purple crimson hue, the nose is rich plums and violets with a mils savoury spice note and the palate is an elegant combination of rich fruit and balanced tannins. The cool climate of Eden Valley allows the Grenache to develop acidity with slower fruit ripening so it is not as sickly, cherry-lolly like seen in over ripe juiced up versions. The Heathcote Shiraz adds the violets and perfume with distinct lingering tannins. A wine that drinks well now with breathing but will cellar for 10 years.
MDV 2007 Heatchote and Eden Valley Jack Raj 
Olga - 08/06/2010
The Jack Raj is a very personal wine for Michael, It is a complex blend of many vitally important parts of his life. The wine is a reflection of the man.
Spirit steeped black fruits, elegant spice with a disciplined fruitcake richness. The aromatics are sveltely rich, plummy with a basket of forest berries. On the palate it is mouth filling and deep, leading off its journey across you palate with ribena characters, it opens out to a kaliedascope of complexity with a blackberry and black pepper core meshed with tendrils of stewed red fruits, incororating a neatly woven glycerol slip. Its tannins are plentiful but quite fine. The wine lingers pleasantly on the palate moving slowly toward its announced and expected herbal finish. A thoroughly enjoyable experience, a cracking wine!
MDV 2008 Eden Valley Old Vine Grenache 
Wine without BS - 24/03/2010
This wine is a real surprise for a 100% Grenache. It has a rather sexy aroma and colour to it with a beautiful flavour that I feel compelled to explain as sugar and spice and all things nice!

Really lovely and highly recommended!

Tip: It actually works well chilled as well for that hot summers day when you're looking for something different to have with your BBQ lunch or dinner.
MDV 2008 Eden Valley Riesling 
Wine without BS - 11/03/2010
Its colour in the glass is almost clear with just a hint of the overused "pale straw" colour reference (I wonder if in a thesaurus under pale straw you'll find "white wine"?).

It has a minerality to the aroma and the flavour is loaded with citrus and acidity. It is very clean and crisp and given the palette cleansing nature of this wine it requires some light but oily food to truly bring out its best. The most obvious example would be some nice white fish.

This will cellar for a few more years and mellow out to become a great aged Riesling for future enjoyment!
MDV 2002 Eden Valley Riesling 
The Chairman - 14/02/2010
Fresh, citrus lime flavours. Amazing fresh acidity even though it has some age to it. Great wine!
MDV 2008 Eden Valley Old Vine Grenache  
Booze Hound - 02/11/2009
Who would think Grenache could taste so good on it's own. This wine has big plum, cherry flavours, a hint of vanilla, with a lovely soft tannin finish.
MDV 2008 Eden Valley Riesling  
Booze Hound - 02/11/2009
Wasn't a Riesling fan until I tried the MDV 08 Riesling. Fresh citrus, lime characters, with just the right amount of acid. Well done!
MDV 2006 Eden Valley Jack Raj  
Bordeaux Brawd - 08/03/2009
The Jack Raj is the flag bearer for the unadulterated, rich, forward fruit quality reflected in all wines.
MDV 2006 Eden Valley Jack Raj 
Mick English - 05/03/2009
I'll be honest, I'm not much of a connoiseur when it comes to wines, so won't try to fumble my way through trying to. However, I love wines, particularly reds, and will always bring out the good stuff over a meal or outing with friends.

In working with Michael to promote Australia wines in Asia, I had the opportunity, nay, the privilege, to bring one of Michael's Jack Raj with me to Indonesia. After having been sold on it's exquisite flavour, I sold it up to all my friends and associates in Indonesia and it was the centre piece for NYE celebrations at Hyatt Yogyakarta.

I really wish I had the words and expertise to describe how Shiraz/Grenache red tasted. All of us at our table that evening were in awe at it's perfection, including close friend and GM of the Hyatt hotel and the Sultan!

I felt as if I was in Oliver Twist when everybody had finished their glass and turned to me and said, "Please Sir, I want some more!". Unfortunately due to Indonesian Custom regulations, I was unable to bring more than one bottle with me :(

I've had various Granges, I've had other reds that cost a ridiculous amount of money (a lot more than the Raj), and I have to say this is on part if not better than all of them! This is definitely something to impress during a special occassion or just to show off to your friends! I hope Michael has his sellers stocked deep with this wine as it is something that will last the ages!

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