Since 1998 – D A T T A  has been focused on PEOPLE • BRAND • PERFORMANCE. 

Our teams of international industry-based specialists have worked across multiple markets and industry disciplines. These include:

  • Wineries & Vineyards
  • Cafes & Restaurants
  • Coffee Roasters & Coffee Farms
  • Executive Recruitment & Consulting Firms
  • Legal & Advisory Firms
  • Banking, Finance & Insurance
  • State & Federal Government

We work with our client’s to ensure short, medium and longterm successful results:

  • Mentor and coach business owners and the leadership team.
  • Interim executive management and advisory board members.
  • Complete turn-key business start-up advice and project execution.
  • HR strategy, planning and recruitment.
  • Assess products and services for domestic and international sales.
  • Commercialise products with strategic branding, sales and marketing advice.
  • Create domestic and international growth and performance strategy.
  • Set up a business structure to enable ongoing growth.
  • Develop a customised supply-chain business model, utilising technology and people.
  • Manage and facilitate domestic and international deals with potential clients.

We see and understand the day-to-day highs and lows of running a company’s operation. One of the biggest issues our client’s face is the ability to employ people who are passionate and committed for long-term employment. To rectify this issue we have connected and partnered with our industry specialists.


  • Founder. Director. CEO
  • Wine & Coffee Consultant
  • Agri & Hospitality Industry Advisor
  • Executive Business Mentor & Coach
  • Love Sport & Lifestyle

Michael Datta’s 1st love is for his family. His wife Jane and son Jack.

First things first. Before reading on, you must know one thing about me. I am addicted to flavour. I’ve loved creating and making flavours in Wine and Coffee for many years. I love how people can create amazing flavours from sourcing awesome locally grown produce. I have huge respect for farmers, who put their heart and soul into growing and producing our food and premium food products.

Now onto my historical work blurb…

Since his business career began in 1992, Michael has been immersed in what he loves. ‘Working with amazing people; developing and commercialising high-quality products; driving high-performance teams by focusing on behaviour and culture.’

Michael is one of those rare individuals that you meet who inspires people with his passion, experience and deep business knowledge. Michael has a unique ability to see the value in a product or identity that most may brush aside and the vision for connections that others miss.

Michael is a powerful networker and connector. His positive exuberance is highly contagious and incredibly open and honest. Michael always seizes on opportunities to create business development & growth to generate greater profits & company security. Michael’s depth of international business experience allows him to take a vision and bring it to practical reality.

Furthermore, Michael mentors and coaches business owners, senior corporate executives and professional athletes; providing strategic individual advice, focused on personal performance and management.